Club profiles: AFL


Australian Rules (Aussie Rules) is a contact sport consisting of 18 players on the pitch at any one time. Both sides have 9 players with an abundance of interchanges or subs throughout the game. The team with the most points by the end of the fourth quarter wins. In order to get points the ball (Sherrin) must go between the inward posts resulting in six points or outward posts resulting in one point from a kick. Tackling is only allowed from the shoulder to the knee. A clean grab of the Sherrin is known as a mark in any location on the pitch, once a mark is called, play is stopped the person who made the mark has 30 seconds to do with the ball as they will. Once off the spot/line of the mark, or if a pass/kick is given from the mark the game can commence once more. 

We train one night a week for an hour and a half, we compete in numerous competitions throughout the year both nationwide and abroad. CIT Saints were very successful previous years at AFL and we look forward to the succession of MTU Crows. 

Come give Aussie Rules a try...

You won't regret it!!